He Knows Your Name Ministry exists to bring HONOR and dignity to pain.  LOVE heals and relationship supports those who have experienced the death of a child.  When a child dies tragedy is often the cause.  Abortion, too, is an emotional pain that requires healing, so that LIFE can be called WORTHY.   NAMING the unborn and NAMING legacy is a healing agent through the LOVE of Jesus Christ, and that is the only HOPE we have for redemption.  One LIFE at a time can be restored by FAITH when JOY replaces grief.

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A Legacy of Names

Deon Dajuan Griffin

October 8, 2008 - December 3, 2008

Graveside services for Deon Dajuan Griffin, infant, will be held at 10:30 A.M. Friday at Bellwood Memorial Park with Pastor Chad Rowe officiating. ??Deon died Wednesday Dec. 3, 2008 in a Killeen Hospital. ??Deon was born October 8, 2008 in Killeen to David Griffin and Nilda Rodriquez Griffin. ??Deon was preceded in death by one grandparent Donna Shade and one great grandparent Melania Rodriquez. ??Survivors include his parents of Harker Heights; three brothers Damien Griffin and Ihrul Faumui of Harker Heights and David Griffin Jr., of California; three sisters Iliana Faumui, Beloved Donna Griffin and Melania Griffin of Harker Heights; grandparents Virgen Torres of California, David Rodriquez of Philadelphia and Percy Griffin of California; great grandparents Betty Jean Shade of Killeen, Charles Shade of Michigan and Louis Torres of Puerto Rico.



What a month we have had! My words from last month could not have been more prophetic for my own self: kingdom brings perspective. If ever God has answered my prayer of becoming more heart-centered and broken toward the women we reach, he has done so through Dixie's death. I am so humbled by the outpouring of your gifts, prayers and encouragement during such a time. My family has grieved and laughed and remembered. We have eaten and shared the bread of the Body, being fed and held by the outpouring of volunteers who served expecting nothing in return.


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A Prayer for Donasty on her Birthday 8-2-12
A Far Greater Good…..


Lord, in whom we trust. We freely acknowledge that we are often tempted to question Your ways and to wonder why You allow difficult and grievous things to happen not only in our life, but in the lives of the people we love.  But, we must also admit that we simply do not have the knowledge or perspective that we would need to understand Your purposes in the loss of Donasty.


Dear Lord, nothing can defeat Your gracious and redemptive purposes.  Thank you that we can have hope that You will comfort Danyelle and her family as they learn to live without their precious angel, Donasty.


Help them as they try to see this tragedy from the broader perspective of the Bible, and make it clear that all of their pain will contribute to a far greater good that will continue into eternity.  May we all who loved Donasty, never lose hope in You and Your works. 


In Jesus Name.



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I watched the news online October 6, 2009. I watched the video as they reported a baby had been found in a dumpster by a couple “searching for scrap metal” in downtown Indianapolis. The crime scene professionals removed the body from the dumpster, wearing masks, gloves and very sad faces.



Her mother and grandmother are role models for her as they lead by example as they walk with Jesus.  We talked about Sanilynn’s name and that they named her after Mt. Sinai.  I read the scripture to them from Exodus about Moses going up to Mt Sinai.  It took on new meaning for them as they considered all that had happened.


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Adalina, was a grieving mother who lost her only child in a drowning accident. Timothy Bray died on June 22,2010 at Douglass Park pool. A group of boys road their bikes to the park after hours and hopped the fence for some unknown reason. Timothy went into the pool.


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