He Knows Your Name Ministry exists to bring HONOR and dignity to pain.  LOVE heals and relationship supports those who have experienced the death of a child.  When a child dies tragedy is often the cause.  Abortion, too, is an emotional pain that requires healing, so that LIFE can be called WORTHY.   NAMING the unborn and NAMING legacy is a healing agent through the LOVE of Jesus Christ, and that is the only HOPE we have for redemption.  One LIFE at a time can be restored by FAITH when JOY replaces grief.

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About He Knows Your Name

The Birth of a Ministry

He Knows Your Name, a ministry dedicated to giving every child a name in life and a dignified burial in death, was birthed in October of 2009 when the body of a newborn baby was discovered in downtown Indianapolis.  Baby “Doe” as the news reported was found in a Dumpster, dressed only in a Diaper. As soon as I read the story my heart broke for this child and I asked myself “Now what?” What happens to a baby found in a dumpster?  When I called the Coroner’s office to inquire I was told not coldly, just honestly. “The Baby will be disposed of” and that answer would change my life forever as three statements rang through my head…


A dumpster is NOT a grave!

A diaper is NOT burial gown!

And Doe is NOT a name!


I called and spoke with the tender hearted Chief Coroner and asked if I could be given the child so I could provide a proper burial. 13 months later, and through a miraculous string of events that actually reunited child and Mother, baby Nicholas was laid to rest in a handmade burial gown, a beautiful casket, and was sung a lullaby at his grave site with his mother by his side.


Isaiah 43:1 “Fear not, for I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name; you are mine.”


During the 13 months of waiting for the baby that first pulled at my heart I received two more calls from the coroner’s office.  A five-month-old left by his homeless mother because she could not afford to bury him and did not care to.  Then a 13 year old beautiful young man lost to his mother, buried, but in an unmarked grave because his mother could not afford a head stone to mark where her child lay.


Now both Zachary and Tim lie in graves marked with their precious names.


Sadly, it is a fact that even with the Safe Haven law, babies are still abandoned, children are still left at the Coroner’s office to be buried nameless in unmarked mass graves, and precious loved children are laid to rest with no head stone to mark their death, but more importantly their lives.


He Knows Your Name Ministry exists to help try to make sure that every child receives a name in life, and dignity and honor in death.


From this original vision a post-abortion ministry has also been born as women have found Redemption in naming their unborn children, Joy in celebrating the life of their child, and Healing in mourning the loss of their child.  Through the grieving, they have found Grace, Forgiveness and Freedom. Hope is always found when life is recognized and called worthy.


Isaiah 56:5

“…to them I will give within my temple and its walls a memorial and a name better than sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name that will not be cut off.”


Linda Znachko, Founder of He Knows Your Name Ministry